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Isn't it cool to know that people used the power of their minds, FIRST, to IMAGINE everything that man possesses?  

You know the excitement and the thrill of IMAGINING that you have something that you really want for yourself. Have you ever sat down to consider that someone had to IMAGINE the cellphone that you love and have with you?   The latest iPhone or Android are both the result of what someone IMAGINED in their mind, FIRST, then worked to see it become a reality!  The capacity to IMAGINE is the ESSENCE and BLUEPRINT for life on earth and in space.


For the next two days, you are being invited to IMAGINE outer space, STEM, business, and careers at NASA!!   Not only that, you will learn how education, particularly science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, plays a major role in traveling to and from space.  Finally, the summit can help you IMAGINE possible opportunities and careers at the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), once you graduate college.  

Enjoy the scientists and employees from NASA.  They will tell you their stories and how they became a part of the NASA family. These leaders are making it possible for astronauts and spacecrafts to enter and return from space. Their imaginations have taken them beyond earth into outer space, and they are here to help you IMAGINE, one day, possibly working for NASA!  

Ask questions, learn, take pictures (a lot of pictures), get emails, make connections, make new friends, and have fun with leaders,  like you, who continue to IMAGINE great things, especially things that help our world and future.  

Your two days will be remembered for the rest of your life.  These are dates with destiny!  We look forward to seeing you!  


Summit Organizers

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